Sher-locked at Escape Rooms Cardiff

Now this review is exciting for 2 Reasons…

Reason number 1) this is our FINAL Escape Rooms Cardiff Room

Reason number 2) We didn’t go alone! We had two friends helping us on this one and if it wasn’t for them, we probably wouldn’t have escaped!

So we arrived in Cardiff very excited but (we won't lie) we were slightly anxious too: we have been doing so well in escape rooms we were a little nervous that we weren’t going to do well in this one, We were worried that maybe we wouldn’t communicate well with our friends, Now that we’ve created the blog our good luck so far will run out and we’ll suddenly be terrible and let everyone down, In other words, we were mildly panicking. But we carried on because although we were ever so slightly apprehensive, we were also super excited because we were about to experience what it's like escaping with other people.

So we met up with our fellow escapologists and we headed on over to Escape Rooms Cardiff. We were originally meant to play the room with David & his sister Ellie, but unfortunately Ellie wasn’t well enough to join us so we had even more fervour and drive to escape and make her proud.

We walked through the doors and up the stairs where we were greeted by a young man called Noah. He double checked the room before giving us a brief and we went up the stairs and entered the Victorian themed room.

Noah the game host went back to his home office and we were all off! We were searching through everything in true Sherlock style, searching for number locks, searching for letter locks, ordering vials and even having a pluck of Sherlock’s famous violin… at one point we had a visit from Sherlock himself (Also known as David dressed up in a coat, a deerstalker hat with a pipe in his mouth spouting the famous quotes) which really made us laugh and it really made the experience great for us.

We made it out with 10 minutes and 21 seconds spare and honestly, thank goodness for Lester… if it wasn’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have even made it out because he was the one to notice the door unlock! We were so focused on the final puzzle that we completely forgot to check the door to see if it unlocked! Lester was the star of that room.

When we finished we all walked out with huge smiles on our faces, walked down the stairs to the main lobby area before attempting the Bonus Round which is the final level in Crystal Maze where you are in a room with a floor of fans that blow different coloured foils in the air and you need to collect as many as possible!

We didn’t do too well at that part but it really just ended our night on a high! We left after having our photo and went into Kongs bar around the corner for a small drink and a de-brief where we found out that it was David’s FIRST escape room! WE TOOK DAVID’S ESCAPE ROOM VIRGINITY and we couldn’t be happier that we escaped with such a good time!

The room was well themed and nothing felt out of place. The puzzles were clever and inventive and while some puzzles we’d seen before in other rooms, a few puzzles were completely fresh and very clever. My favourite puzzle is one of the first ones you do and that was one of the puzzles that I hadn’t seen before.

If you are a fan of Sherlock, then this room will certainly be right up your street, even if you are just a fan of fun, logical and smart puzzles you’ll enjoy this room.

Our GingerGlasses Fun-o-meter rating is 7G. The room was well themed, the puzzles were good and inventive and most of all- made sense- but it’s not as good as some of the previous rooms that we’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Still a fun room though and we are very excited to see what happens next with Escape Rooms Cardiff!

Check them out at: or follow them on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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